Lemon and Rosemary Cleansing

Happy New Year Friends! It’s time to wash away that which doesn’t serve us and prepare for the new gifts coming into our lives.

I’m a big fan of taking advantage of what we have locally to work our magics so it’s an absolute no brainer to grab those lemons and trim back the rosemary when it’s time to clean house. Lemon has long been associated with purification and it’s so easy to understand why. The scent is fresh and powerful and the juice is strong and acidic. Rosemary is well know as a protective and purification herb. I’ll be honest, the reason I use it in this and many other applications is because I have so much! About seven years ago we planted 3 little plants and how it dominates the beds. I love the bright pine smell at the front door. So enough about that, let’s talk about the cleansing!

I like to use one lemon for every being in my house, one for my ancestors and one for the land spirits but hey, it’s your place so you do you. Then grab 2 or 3 large stems of rosemary. If you need some holler at me for real. To get started I grab a bucket and half fill it with as hot as I can put my hands in water. Get your self calm and centered then drop the rosemary in the water. Then one lemon at a time pick it up and know who or what it represents. Submerge your hands and lemon in the water and while thinking of cleansing and protection of the being(s) peel and squeeze the lemon making sure to twist the rind to express the oils. One lemon at a time until your hands , your home, and your very being smells like lemon and rosemary.

Once the brew is concocted you might like to ask a deity for blessing. You do you. The next step is to take a soft cloth and wipe every doorway and window ledge with the brew. If you like a spell or chant check out thesingingwitches.com for some ideas. I also wipe down things or places that feel heavy. No need to get anything wet just keep moistening and ringing out the cloth. After you’ve taken care of those pour a bit down every drain in the house.

When you are finished there are a couple of options. You can dispose of all of the mixture down the drains (great for apartment living) or you can take it outside and circle your home with the brew.

As you can see I am not much of a poetry and drama magic user but I would love for you to share your ideas on how you would customize it! Wishing you all a great new year.

Making Cone Incense

The first time I made cone incense was a fun gathering. We purchased the supplies for a Nerdy Witches Study Group and we had a great time goofing it all up. Since then I’ve enjoyed adjusting and crafting formed incenses. I recorded a fun tutorial for Pagan Pride LA/OC’s Patreon. Head over and support them to check it out!  Below is my tried and true receipt.

2 Tablespoons sandalwood powder

1/4 teaspoon binder such as Gum tex, gum arabic, guar gum or makko

1 teaspoon powdered smelly component such as herb, resin, or spice

1 Tablespoon of liquid

Enjoy the incense crafting and let me know how it goes!


Tranquility Tonic #2

MJ17-HealthyLifestyle-AnxietyI got a message from a friend today asking about ways to ease the anxiety she is feeling due to daily medical injections. It’s been a week of talking about anxiety. Just yesterday my doctor made some changes to my own anxiety medication. Last night I chatted with a friend about some healthy and not so healthy ways we each response to our own feelings of stress and overwhelm. Maybe it’s Mercury in retrograde that’s helping me open up on this topic I rarely share but it’s refreshing to talk so openly. With the recent legalization of THC in California I look forward to a time when low dose edibles and tinctures are available.

Of course there are so many natural options to try and if those aren’t helpful there are so many safe and effective prescription solutions available by working with your physician.  For my friend we decided that she would try a few things and see what works.  One that I’m providing is an adjustment to my original Tranquility Tonic to make it a bit heavier hitting with the addition of Valerian tincture. Because the Valerian flavor is so strong I switched out the chamomile tincture for a glycerite and it really did tame the bite. It’s not going to win any taste contests but I think it just might do the trick.

4 parts lavender tincture
2 part chamomile glycerite
1 part valerian tincture

No Headache Inhaler

IMG_5537This must be the first thing I have ever done with non diluted essential oils. I got the idea from an allergy inhaler recipe I saw on the interweb. I keep a small jar of lavender in my desk to smell when I have a slight headache and don’t want to take anything and I thought this would be a nice alternative.

Despite the heavy lavender use the chamomile is quite forward. I added the eucalyptus primarily to open up the nasal passages.

2 inhaler tubes

30 drops lavender essential oil
15 drops chamomile essential oil
2 drops eucalyptus essential oil

Mix all drops, then use the absorption core that comes with the inhalers (or a refill) to soak up the oil. Use tweezers to move the soaked core to the inhaler tube and then cap it on the bottom.

Pain and Swelling

A friend expressed concern over taking Advil for her chronic back pain and was looking into a herbal solution. I suggested Ashwagandha as her pain is along the spine and  any joint related pain is often a swelling and inflammation issue. I choose the chamomile because of it’s analgesic properties but also it’s nervine affects. We can all use a little calm in our lives. The choice of the lemon was driven in part by the need to smooth out the flavor of the Ashwagandha.

1 part Ashwagandha Tincture
1 part Lemon Tincture
2 parts Chamomile Tincture

Honey Lip Balm

lip balmIt took some trial and error to work out the best way to incorporate the the honey into the lip balm so it did not simply form drops of honey on the surface. I’ve now used this method several times with success but it’s also gone pear shaped once or twice.

Your mise en place will be very important. Once of the trickier parts is finding a bowl that will hold the less than one cup of lip balm, be deep enough to use the immersion blender on and easy to pour into the lip tubes. I use a small pyrex measuring cup with quite a bit of success.

Double boiler
Immersion blender
12 lip tubes or other small containers

2 Tbs Shea butter
6 Tbs Calendula oil
2 Tbs Bees Wax
1 Tbs Honey
up to 20 drops of preferred essential oil

This recipe will yield 12 tubes of lip balm. In a double boiler, melt the shea butter, bees wax and blend with the calendula oil. Once the three are incorporated remove from the heat and add the honey. Stir then honey in and notice that it will form small droplets in the mixture. The next step will make those droplets event small so they can be suspended throughout the lip balm. Use an immersion blender to blend the mixture. This will break up the honey and also begin to cool the lip balm. Once well blended (it only takes 30 seconds or so) add in your preferred essential oils. Some suggestions are below.

Honey lemon: 15 drops of lemon
Honey basil: 15 drops of basil
Lemon basil: 10 drops lemon 5 drops basil
Cinnamon: 5 drops vanilla 5 drops cinnamon

Dreamtime Tincture

why-we-dreamMy most widely used product is the Dreamtime Tincture. The remedy is used to help a person fall asleep. It has gone through many iterations and now even has several different formulas based on the different needs. Below is the receipt for the basic tincture.

Basic Dreamtime Blend
1/2 part Kava Kava tincture
2 part Lavender tincture
1 part Echinacea root tincture
3 part Passion Flower tincture
2 part Valerian Root Tincture
When dear Kristina was pregnant she asked for a modified version of the Dreamtime tincture to help her fall asleep. The Kava Kava mixture had always been too strong for her so we did a little experimenting and came up with this lovely mild blend that worked well.

Irie’s Mommies Dreamtime Blend
1 part Echinacea root tincture
1 part Lemon Balm tincture
2 part Lavender tincture
2 part Valerian Root tincture
For those folks with more serious insomnia I have a Dreamtime blend that is more aptly named “Knockout Drops”. This is not a blend for most of us and I only offer it after the standard doesn’t work. There are two strengths here because one time the first one just wasn’t enough.

Ninja strength has me drooling on my pillow in only a few minutes and I wake up feeling groggy and achy.

Knockout Drops Ninja strength
6 parts Basic Dreamtime tincture
2 parts Valerian tincture
1 part Kava Kava tincture

I have never taken with Godzilla strength myself.

Knockout Drops Godzilla strength
6 parts Basic Dreamtime tincture
2 parts Valerian tincture
2 parts Kava Kava tincture

After my first early attempts with kava kava I found that the tincture was just overpowering in nearly any dosage. I now make the tincture in the typical way but always cut it 50/50 with un steeped alcohol to store and use.