Tranquility Tonic #2

MJ17-HealthyLifestyle-AnxietyI got a message from a friend today asking about ways to ease the anxiety she is feeling due to daily medical injections. It’s been a week of talking about anxiety. Just yesterday my doctor made some changes to my own anxiety medication. Last night I chatted with a friend about some healthy and not so healthy ways we each response to our own feelings of stress and overwhelm. Maybe it’s Mercury in retrograde that’s helping me open up on this topic I rarely share but it’s refreshing to talk so openly. With the recent legalization of THC in California I look forward to a time when low dose edibles and tinctures are available.

Of course there are so many natural options to try and if those aren’t helpful there are so many safe and effective prescription solutions available by working with your physician.  For my friend we decided that she would try a few things and see what works.  One that I’m providing is an adjustment to my original Tranquility Tonic to make it a bit heavier hitting with the addition of Valerian tincture. Because the Valerian flavor is so strong I switched out the chamomile tincture for a glycerite and it really did tame the bite. It’s not going to win any taste contests but I think it just might do the trick.

4 parts lavender tincture
2 part chamomile glycerite
1 part valerian tincture

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