Lemon and Rosemary Cleansing

Happy New Year Friends! It’s time to wash away that which doesn’t serve us and prepare for the new gifts coming into our lives.

I’m a big fan of taking advantage of what we have locally to work our magics so it’s an absolute no brainer to grab those lemons and trim back the rosemary when it’s time to clean house. Lemon has long been associated with purification and it’s so easy to understand why. The scent is fresh and powerful and the juice is strong and acidic. Rosemary is well know as a protective and purification herb. I’ll be honest, the reason I use it in this and many other applications is because I have so much! About seven years ago we planted 3 little plants and how it dominates the beds. I love the bright pine smell at the front door. So enough about that, let’s talk about the cleansing!

I like to use one lemon for every being in my house, one for my ancestors and one for the land spirits but hey, it’s your place so you do you. Then grab 2 or 3 large stems of rosemary. If you need some holler at me for real. To get started I grab a bucket and half fill it with as hot as I can put my hands in water. Get your self calm and centered then drop the rosemary in the water. Then one lemon at a time pick it up and know who or what it represents. Submerge your hands and lemon in the water and while thinking of cleansing and protection of the being(s) peel and squeeze the lemon making sure to twist the rind to express the oils. One lemon at a time until your hands , your home, and your very being smells like lemon and rosemary.

Once the brew is concocted you might like to ask a deity for blessing. You do you. The next step is to take a soft cloth and wipe every doorway and window ledge with the brew. If you like a spell or chant check out thesingingwitches.com for some ideas. I also wipe down things or places that feel heavy. No need to get anything wet just keep moistening and ringing out the cloth. After you’ve taken care of those pour a bit down every drain in the house.

When you are finished there are a couple of options. You can dispose of all of the mixture down the drains (great for apartment living) or you can take it outside and circle your home with the brew.

As you can see I am not much of a poetry and drama magic user but I would love for you to share your ideas on how you would customize it! Wishing you all a great new year.