About the Apothecary

One evening at a tea social a lovely wild womyn shared her passion for herbs with us all via a selection of tinctures and essences. The sample I received was a mugwort essence and it changed my life. With that one drop of essence, the way I viewed herbs and plants had changed forever.

I began immediately to experiment, read and study the ways of plants and herbs and to incorporate them into my life. I love my handwritten herbals and will continue to use them, but here I will share my herb monographs and the tried and true receipts I have developed as well as information for using my products.

This is a work in progress. Receipts, Monographs and the like will be posted incomplete and added to as I have time to post and experiment.

I no longer sell any items online but I’m always happy to share recipes. If you have received an Auntie Kandy’s Apothecary product it is simply because Auntie Kandy loves you and wants you to be well.

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